MEN  July 2007

Gabe Marco [Gabriel Marco] (cover – Satori Studios))
Tony Fernandes (Bauer Studios)
Tiger Hudson [Ty Hudson] (Gunther A. Fraulob)
Robert Black (Marcos Akropolis)
Eric Moreno (Satori Studios)
Next Month: Marcos [Marcos - 113084] (Mick Hicks)
Bookmark: HvH Comics
Artwork: Mike, Kent N., Robert W. Richards
Film Reviews: Longboard; Encounters 4 – On The Job

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UNZIPPED  July 2007

Josh Weston (cover/interview – Unzipped Video)
Jimmy [109367] (Lucas Entertainment)
40 Years of Colt: Franco Corelli, Manfred Speer, Steve Kelso, Jake Tanner, Mike Dasher, Ledermeister, Luke Garrett + Gage Weston, John Pruitt, Mark Rutter, Chris Wide
According to Jim French
Will Clark Article (Raging Stallion)
Artwork: Kent N., Desert Dave
Film Reviews: In His Dreams; Boiler; Bang That Ass!; Lust Resorts; Kept After School

Extensive Photo Sets are generally found at: MEN MACHINE

HONCHO  July 2007

Nathan Black (cover – Body Image Productions)
Jason Crew (
CJ Madison [C.J. Madison] (Studio 2000)
Ricco [Ricco Giovanni] (Studio 1435)
Huessein + Francois Sagat (center – Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Alex Bogon [Alex Brinsky] (Kristen Bjorn)
Eric Hung (interview – Gino Pictures)
Mega Body [?] (ChuckPixxx)
Super Heat [insets: Cobra - 104679]
artwork: Xavier
Film Reviews: Sao Paulo; Lords of the Jungle; Manly Heat – Scorched & Quenched; Big Rig; Dads ‘N Lads #3; Poolside Parthy

PLAYGIRL  July 2007

Robert Proctor (cover/center – Studio 1435)
James (Andrew Giammarco)
Nick (Studio 1435)
Rodeo Romp [Scott Styles + Penny] (Studio 1435)
Playgirl Video: Randy Spears, Voodoo, Dillon, Jean Val Jean
Buckin’ Broncos: Frank Guzman (NF Photography); Jimmy Lee (Studio 1435); Roddy (Studio 1435); Drew (Studio 1435)
Next Month: Vin Marco, Stephan, Paul
Paul Freeman Photography
Real Men: Sean Ramey – Real Man of the Month
Singing Cowboys: Darryl Worley, Jason Meadows
The Naked Cowboy [Robert Burck]

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July 2007
Matheus Ohana (cover)
Carlos Issa
Deyve Almeida

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INCHES  July 2007

Tony Bruxton [Samuel Dolce ?] (cover – Pacific Sun)
Jack Lawrence (Chuck)
Esteban [?] (Albert)
Fredrick Ford (All Worlds)
Adam Masterson (center – Body Image Productions)
Gomes Aguilar [Gomez Aguilar] (Alexander Pictures)
Vin Nolan (
Matt [?] (Big Dick Club)
Film Reviews: Lords of the Jungle; Michael Lucas’ Audtions Vol. 14; Ari’s Place