July 2007
Matheus Ohana (cover)
Carlos Issa
Deyve Almeida

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INCHES  July 2007

Tony Bruxton [Samuel Dolce ?] (cover – Pacific Sun)
Jack Lawrence (Chuck)
Esteban [?] (Albert)
Fredrick Ford (All Worlds)
Adam Masterson (center – Body Image Productions)
Gomes Aguilar [Gomez Aguilar] (Alexander Pictures)
Vin Nolan (ThugMart.com)
Matt [?] (Big Dick Club)
Film Reviews: Lords of the Jungle; Michael Lucas’ Audtions Vol. 14; Ari’s Place

TORSO  June 2007

partial listings from web site
Josh Weston
Brad Brockwell
Denis Mello
AMG Classics
24 JAILHOUSE STR8-ASS-DEAL: Straight guys in jail settle argument with a good hard fuck
SOCCER SLAVE: Jock makes horny teammate service his dick
REPS: The “Businessman’s” short workout, plus how to stimulate fast muscle groth.
TRUE STORIES: How to score twinks in an older guys’ bar
ART BOOK FEATURE: Gay Art: A Historic Collection, by Felix Lance Falkon with Thomas Waugh
STACKS: Unspeakable Love, by Brian Whitaker, and Here’s What We’ll Say- Growing Up, by Reichen Lehmkuhl
Film Reviews: Brawlers; Tough A Nails; The Show, Part 1; The Works

MANDATE  June 2007

Roman Heart (cover – Falcon)
Angelo + Jamie [Jamie Michael] (Kristian Modeling)
Dennis [?] (Keona Studio)
Lars Svenson (center – ChuckPixxx)
Cody Parker (High Drive Prod.)
Justin [?] (NakedBoysNextDoor.com)
Park Wiley (Colt / Buckshot Prod.)
Sebastian Cruz + Jonathan Diggs (Jet Set)
Cute + Nasty [insets: Brent - 102672] (Body Image Productions)
Just Doing My Job Boss [insets: ?] (?)
Film Reviews: Centurion Muscle 3 – Omega; The Velvet Mafia – Part 2; Wildlands

FRESHMEN  June 2007

Zack Randall (cover/Freshmen of the Year – Bryan Ockert / Chaos Men)
Tommy [Tommy Lima] (Mick Hicks)
Roman Heart (center – Falcon)
Drago Lambert (Studio Vashek)
Clint Peak (InXces Studio)
Freshemen Runner-Ups: Derek Cruz, T.J. Jefferson, Jesse Thomas, Joey Amis, Dawson [111082]
Next Issue: Ryan Alexander (Unzipped Video)
Artwork: J.C. Etheredge, Mike
Film Reviews: Farmer’s Son; Farm Hands

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MEN  June 2007

David Anthony (cover/center – Edendale)
Andrew Justice (Falcon)
Magnum Boulder (Victor Cody)
Tommy Blade (Unzipped)
Justin Wells (Mick Hicks)
Shawn Jeffries (Body Image Productions)
Single Image: Tony Fernandes (Bauer Studio)
Artwork: Michael Broderick, Kent N., Robert W. Richards
Film Reviews: Breathless; Hostile; Fuck My Ass I’ll Suck Your Cock

Extensive Photo Sets are generally found at: MEN MACHINE