Special #64
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Brent Dupuis (cover – Studio 1435)
David Lee [David Lee – 111647] (Studio 1435)
John Brice (Greg Weiner)
Daniel Hess [Matt Spencer] (Studio 1435)
Terrel [Terrel – 114801] (Nicolas Felizola)
Henrique Castro (Nicolas Felizola)
Vic Ripper (Studio 1435)
Jason Daugherty (Richard Armas)
Marcelo [Marcelo – 114803] (Nicolas Felizola)
Rob Metts [Mike Roberts – 101050] (Studio 1435)
Enrique Aguilar [Caesar Cruz] (Studio 1435)
Nick Ortiz [Dominic – 102059] (Studio 1435)

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